What paper straws are made of, and how are they made?


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We hear a lot of buzz about paper straws left and right. Similarly, one of the most renowned companies in the world, such as Starbucks, American Airlines, and McDonald’s are shifting from single-use plastic straws to sustainable paper straws. As these big names are working diligently to be conscious of the environment, paper straws are becoming a repetitive name in every household now.

Being one of the avid supporters of the eco-friendly movement, we introduced our very own paper straws almost a year ago. But it got to us recently that people might want to have a little insight on what paper are straws made of? And how paper straws are made?

Therefore, we did some digging to curb your curiosity and to uncover this fascinating process to every curious mind out there!

The details of this article include,

  • What paper straws are made of?
  • How paper straws are made?


What paper straws are made of?
With the avid use of digital media, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of plastic use on the environment and mother earth. Hence, they are making a conscious effort to bring about a change with plastic alternatives like paper straws, bamboo straws, or metal straws.

Paper straws are usually made using high-quality, food-grade, biodegradable paper, food-grade ink, and other eco-friendly raw materials. Since they are made of paper, they last for one or two uses. Finally, when it gets disposed of, it easily disintegrates and recycles into a landfill.


How paper straws are made?
Being one of the most prominent paper straw manufacturers in Malaysia, it is our responsibility to detail everything that goes into the manufacture of our eco-friendly paper straws.

The manufacturing of paper straws is almost the same as other products that go through tube winding processes, such as paper towel rolls, food packaging tubes, and many more.

Following are the steps that occur during the manufacturing of paper straws.

Usually, 3-plies of premium quality paper get bonded together with edible, water-based adhesive to form reels of paper that further get wound together to create long paper cylinders. These cylindrical tubes then go through the process of cutting, packaging, and shipment, respectively. Additionally, the quality of the paper and adhesive used in the making of paper straws play a significant role in determining the performance of the paper straw.

Therefore, it is highly crucial to use the best adhesive, paper colour, and paper grade before embarking on the journey to manufacture paper straws, because these factors are pivotal in the whole process.


Swapping the plastic straw with biodegradable paper straws is a smart move to save the environment as it decomposes in 2 to 6 weeks as compared to the plastic straws that take millions of years to dissolve back completely.

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