Sustainability with paper straws


Paper Straw Malaysia

Being The best paper straw manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, we understand our responsibility. Therefore, we have brought our paper straws on a wholesale in Malaysia. So look no further, our 100% biodegradable, durable, and customizable paper straws are here at your disposal because you deserve a guilt-free slurping experience!
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Straws have a significant role in our day-to-day life. From sipping on iced americanos, magnificent boba teas, classic cokes, majestic matcha lattes to fruity iced teas, we use straws all the time, don’t we?

However, now is the time to be mindful of the straws we use regularly! Long gone are the days of producing and consuming products that prove to be detrimental to our mother planet earth. As much as using plastic straws seems of no great concern, they still harm Earth regardless of their small size. Since the size of the straws is very small, you cannot recycle them. Therefore, they end up in the heaps of ocean trash. Disastrous!

Choosing biodegradable paper straws is one of the many sustainable options available out there. Paper straws are entirely biodegradable and compostable. So in case they somehow end up in our ocean, they will start to break down in a snap of your finger. Paper straws not only decay really quickly but are also 100% toxic-free.

Do you know what makes paper straws so cool? The fact that paper straws are eco-friendly in every possible way! The straws get ethically made while conserving the natural resources and without giving any damage to our humble abode, Earth. As paper straws are free of any hazardous chemicals, they do not leave any damage to compost heaps either.

We all know that plastic straws are one of the worst factors responsible for plastic pollution, and that is when paper straws step in to save the day as well as our turtles. If you are still using plastic straws, stop! You are damaging the ecosystem. The damage done by plastic straws is irreversible, whereas paper straws break down and disappear in 3 days only. So you might as well want to turn towards plastic straws at your earliest!