How paper straws are better than plastic straws


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As the adverse impacts of excessive use of plastic are spreading like the wind, myriads of people are making a conscious shift in terms of the items they consume regularly. As a result, many renowned restaurants and multi-million coffee chains around the world have stopped using plastic and have banned the use of plastic straws. At this point, it is evident that plastic is not only bad for us but also hazardous for marine life. From killing dozens of fishes in minutes to choking airways of beautiful turtles and creating plastic pollution, the harm done by plastic is inevitable.

Paper straws have stepped in to change the game while staying completely eco-friendly! They are one of the most viable alternatives to plastic straws. So, I have brought you the following reasons why paper straws are better than plastic straws:

  • Paper straws are biodegradable, while plastic straws are not! Paper straws are compostable and disintegrate without a hitch. So regardless of where it ends up, it will decompose back to our land.
  • Paper straws take relatively less time to decompose and disappear. A plastic straw takes around 300 years to decompose, and even when it does, it still leaves micro particle behind. On the other hand, paper straws degenerate and break down under a few days, and if it ends up in landfills, it will disappear within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Making a shift towards paper straws reduces the use of plastic straws. Each day we use millions of plastic straws and stirrers, and they end up in the oceans and contribute to the terrible plastic pollution. The campaigns held worldwide have brought a shift in the plastic culture. Now, more people are getting inclined towards using paper straws. That is indeed a good sign!