How paper straws are helping our environment?


Paper Straw Malaysia

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If you have watched the viral video of a plastic straw stuck in the bleeding nostril of a sea turtle and still think using plastic straws are harmless. You need to rethink it!

Plastic straws are highly detrimental to our planet and wildlife. So paper straws are one of the best ways to help the environment in multiple ways. We use 182.5 billion straws each year and to think that each one of them contributes to intensive plastic pollution. It all sounds ridiculous, right? I know.

Plastic straws are bad for marine life, whereas paper straws are thoroughly safe and marine-life friendly. As mentioned earlier, the heart-wrenching video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw should be enough to wake us up from a deep slumber of sheer negligence and stay conscious of our actions because they impact life on Earth other than us.

Plastic straws are hazardous for the environment as they break into minute particles. These chemicals get into the air, soil, and water. Thus, these carcinogenic chemicals cause danger to human life as well as wildlife. On the flip side, the Paper straws are free from toxic chemicals and do not cause any damage to human health and marine life. Hence, it frees hundreds of human beings and animals from tumors and other health-related issues.

The production of plastic contributes to the emission of 850 million tonnes of greenhouse gases to our atmosphere, and the manufacturing of plastic straws has a significant share in this figure. Therefore, it is about time we replace them with paper straws, save the ozone, and Earth from the intense global warming. The production of paper straws does not cause much greenhouse gases, which is why paper straws are the best choice to make if you are willing to take your baby steps towards sustainability.