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By putting biodegradable, 350gsm kraft paper into use and changing the perspective on sustainability, we have become a leading paper straw manufacturing and supplier in Malaysia. Being one of the best wholesale suppliers in Malaysia, we introduce our very own paper straws. Our straws entice you towards the change and steal the crowd. Made in Malaysia, our paper straws are FDA and SGS approved. They are not only outstandingly customizable but also tremendously durable. Do not hold back and play your part to save mother planet Earth. Try My Paper Straws for an incredible and guilt-free slurping experience!

About Us

My Paper Straw is a daughter company of Desafa Trading Malaysia. We are the game changers in the sector of paper straw manufacturing and supplying. With the firm conviction to bring about the change and unmatchable strength to work towards a healthier planet, My Paper Straw is one of the very few paper straw manufacturers and suppliers in Malaysia that has brought out their splendid paper straws to the table.

Driven by sheer passion and commendable desire to encourage masses towards leading an eco-friendly and plastic-free life, My Paper Straw has come forward to share their beliefs via their wholesale products.

Why Us

  • My Paper Straws, best biodegradable paper straw manufacturer, and supplier in Malaysia.
  • We follow rigorous safety and hygiene measures.
  • Considering the manufacturing Sops, thorough disinfecting is done, specifically keeping in mind the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19.
  • The cleanrooms are the base grounds, our paper straws get manufactured there, guaranteeing the safety of our consumers.
  • The use of the latest technology is put into practice, ensuring the quality of the products is up to par.
  • Under the light of our primary objective, we make use of biodegradable and compostable craft papers.
  • The varying size, designs, and packaging everything gets designed and produced accustomed to your needs.

6 Reasons you shall use paper straw



100% natural and plant-based materials go into the making of paper straws. Regardless of where the used paper straws end up, they will disintegrate and assimilate back into our land.



Paper straws are decomposable, which makes them a great alternative to plastic straws. Paper straws have a brilliant ability to decompose within three days. Therefore, you can use them without causing any adverse impacts on Earth.



Paper straws are one of the most affordable options available out there that aims towards bringing sustainability without being heavy on your pocket. Paper straws are an inexpensive alternative to other kinds of non-plastic straws.


Marine-life safe

Paper straws are harmless for marine-life. They would not get stuck in the stomachs of dolphins or nostrils of poor turtles. Hence, even if they end up in the oceans, they will not cause any damage to our marine life.


Paper straws are the best alternative to plastic straws

Paper straws are a remarkable alternative to plastic straws. Along with aiding in reducing plastic pollution, paper straws have paved the way for more biodegradable straw options in the market.


Trendy to use and comfortable on lips

Ever since the save the turtles campaign, paper straws are in the limelight. They look enticing and chic while being easy on the mouth and the environment.

Paper Straws Standard

(White / Mix Colour)
Standard size paper straws are perfect for normal use, so pick them up quickly for regular water drinking accompanied with style.
Material Size Pcs / Box Single Packing
Kraft Paper 6mm x 200mm 10,000 Without / With
Kraft Paper 6mm x 230mm 10,000 Without / With

Paper Straws Medium

(White / Mix Colour)

Our Medium paper straws are a perfect companion to drink the juice. The striking colors contrast with the color of your juice most divinely.

Material Size Pcs / Box Single Packing
Kraft Paper 8mm x 200mm 10,000 Without / With
Kraft Paper 8mm x 230mm 10,000 Without / With

Paper Straws Large

(White / Mix Colour)

The real Bubble Tea experience is incomplete without our large paper straws. So, go and grab them and make your boba tea experience exquisite.

Material Size Pcs / Box Single Packing
Kraft Paper 12mm x 200mm 10,000 Without / With
Kraft Paper 12mm x 230mm 10,000 Without / With

8 most common questions about paper straw:

Yes, our paper straws are 100% natural, non-toxic, and stamped with the approvals from FDA and SGS.

No, our paper straws are free from beeswax.

Premium, plant-based, biodegradable, and compostable kraft paper is used to make our paper straws.

The objective behind paper straw is for them to be disposable, so you will have to throw it after three to four hours of use.

You can, but to be honest, I do not recommend you use them in hot beverages. Since it is paper, it turns flimsy.

You can get customized straws as we offer an array of designs, colors, and sizes.

Yes, our paper straws are 100% compostable and decompose back into the soil if thrown out for two to six weeks.

I would say yes, but sadly recycling authorities decline to accept the straws that are contaminated with food as it can spread bacteria and various diseases.


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