What makes bio-degradable paper straws an excellent choice?

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Paper Straw Malaysia

Being The best paper straw manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, we understand our responsibility. Therefore, we have brought our paper straws on a wholesale in Malaysia. So look no further, our 100% biodegradable, durable, and customizable paper straws are here at your disposal because you deserve a guilt-free slurping experience!
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As a paper straw manufacturer in Malaysia, we are well-aware of the choices we make, and we will unveil all the factors that made us pick a paper straw business in Malaysia. Furthermore, we will debunk the reasons that make biodegradable paper straws an excellent choice:

Paper straws are 100% natural:
We are one of the very few paper straw suppliers/manufacturers in Malaysia who produce straws that are 100% plant-based, ethically sourced, and natural. Paper straws are free from toxic chemicals, making them extremely safe to use.

Paper straws are very comfortable to use:
Using paper straws is sure a pleasant experience. Paper straws are soft, so they are easy on lips as well as on your teeth. Therefore, you can have a smooth slurping experience without damaging your lips and teeth.

Paper straws are incredibly eco-friendly:
Along with being a paper straw manufacturer, we are also an avid advocate of eco-friendly straws. Paper straws help sustain energy and natural resources. They do not cause any damage to the environment. Hence, it is safe to say paper straws are best friends for our planet, Earth.

You can get customized paper straw:
Yes, you heard that right! You can pick whatever pattern, color, designs, or prints you fancy and get your paper straws customized, respectively. I personally really enjoy different colored and patterned straws. It makes me feel so trendy and uber chic!

The production of paper straws does not cause much greenhouse gas emissions, unlike plastic straws:
The manufacturing of biodegradable paper straws does not cause much damage to the ozone layer. Since the greenhouse gas emissions are very low as compared to the amount released when plastic straws get produced. The greenhouse gas emissions from plastic may reach a staggering amount of 56 gigatons by 2050, and the production of straws has a considerable share in it. So, that adds up to the reasons why paper straws should be preferred over plastic straws any day.